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Apple (Macintosh)

I'm a MAC (I was a pc but I have no luck with it so I moved on)
and I use a lots of Apple's products so this is one of
my favorite website.



Adobe always has the amazing products for graphical oriented works
even though their product's releases are sometimes annoyingly
too often (EX. about 1.5 year for Creative Suite)

However,I'm currently using some of their products and I like it
(more like got used to the interface kind of thing)

The website is worth checking out because Adobe offers various
discounts for many communities (student is also one of them)
and also the trial version of the products


City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco is the place where I expose to the
new world of the computer; programming, database, html etc.
Many of the instructors here are very professional and friendly.

Besides the computer, CCSF also has a lots of great departments
Ex. Music, Broadcasting, Photography etc.

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