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CNIT 132 Homework Assignments
Homework Assignment Due Date Date Approved Notes and Difficulties
HW 1 - Basic Web Site Aug 29th, 2010 Aug 23th, 2010 Making the decision for website's theme and layout is very difficult but taking time and ask for others' opinions always help.

The XHTML syntax is also tricky but using validator helped simplifying the task.
HW 2 - Homework List Sep 12th, 2010 Aug 29th, 2010 Border color is the challenging task for me to avoid the overlapping. However, Formatting the table gets easier than the hw1.

Choosing the colors is also difficult: the right contrast color that will not distract the viewers.
HW 3 - Style Sheets I Sep 26th, 2010 Sep 15th, 2010 get used to css's properties and values, don't use // for css comment and check for typo.
HW 4 - Graphics Oct 10th, 2010 Sep 24th, 2010 having fun with the image map and having Photoshop is really handy. Working with the colorful background is a bit tricky.
HW 5 - Multimedia Oct 24th, 2010 Oct 13th, 2010 Java Applet is very interesting. iFrame is good for gallery. would've used better quality sources if I have more space available on hills.
HW 6 - Style Sheets II Oct 31th, 2010 Oct 25th, 2010 Remember to test the web page with as many browser as possible. Z index is pretty handy.
HW 7 - Forms Nov 8th, 2010 Oct 29th, 2010 Form is fun!! javascript is no too difficult to understand but can be complicated at a certain point.
HW 8 - CGI Scripts Nov 24th, 2010 Nov 12th, 2010 CGI script is tricky but very useful. For the checkbox values, use br tag with perl instead of empty space. perl doesnt handle empty value very well.
HW 9 - JavaScript Dec 12th, 2010 Dec 2nd, 2010 Javascript is fun. Learn more about object oriented language.