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"All action on the stage must have
an inner justification, be logical,
coherent, and real."

Constantin Stanislavski (1868—1938)

Constantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor, director, and theatre administrator at the Moscow Art Theatre (founded in 1897). He introduced 'real' acting to the stage, through a technique called "The System of Physical Actions," which he developed over many years. As a result, he helped reinvent the craft of acting for the modern world with a technique that discouraged clichés.

In his search to find a more realistic performance, Stanislavski both directly and indirectly influenced modern cinema and stage, setting a standard for acting with possibly hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. His theories inspired people like Lee Strasburg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Jerzy Grotowski and many others to develop their own methods.