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I first became introduced to graphic design in my early twenties, using the traditional process of paste-up, layout of camera-ready art. One of my first jobs was working as an art department assistant at Western Badge & Trophy Company in Los Angeles where I worked with a process camera using PMTs and Kodalith film to reproduce Line Art, Black & White (high contrast), and Halftone images and text .

Later on I learned how to use a digital typesetting machine which required the operator to know a lot of different commands. It used a limited font library to produce camera-ready type which was used for captions on slide presentations.

As technology had advanced, I learned to use a Macintosh computer which my first one was the Mac LC II. It had 40 or 80 MB of hard disk space, I don't recall which. Imagine trying to use it now to accomplish even the smallest graphic design project today generated by our present-day Adobe products.

Now I am gaining experience in web design which I aspire to make a career of as well as learn advanced techniques to build compelling web sites for my clientele.

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